Products and Services

Step 1

Planning and layout

All projects begin with a size and plan of action. Most 3D lettering jobs have a specific location and placement in mind before the project even begins. To ensure the logo's accuracy, templates are cut out so that the placement of each letter and/or shape is correct.

Step 2

Placement and align

The letters and shapes are then placed in their appropriate holes and further adjustments may be made. These letters will have adhesive on the back, but also a backer protecting them from being attached until it is removed.

Step 3

Attach and install

Then we remove the backer and place the letters in their spots. Once everything is laid down, we can proceed to remove the template. If the letters are being placed on a sign, the sign will then be installed in it's appropriate location. If the letters are being installed on a wall, no further action is required.

Emergency Vehicles

Emergency Vehicles are a top priority here at Price Signs & Decals. We appreciate the speed and assistance our city receives from our First Responders and we want nothing more than to give back with our timely service and attentive skillsets.